Photonic Therapy 

      Photonic Therapy is a safe effective  red Light Therapy. Red light penetrates through  skin stimulating nerves  and assisting to relieve pain and promote healing.

      Photonic therapy has been used in sports medicine for many years with tremendous results and is now available for you pets.

      This service is available not only to your dogs but all other animals as well and is exceptionally effective on horses and birds due to their thin skin but we are happy to treat any one of your pets or farm animals. Photonic Therapy can treat a wide variety of health conditions. 


       Top of The Tail K9 uses the McLaren Methed of Photonic Therapy developed by Dr.Brian McLaren, an Australian clinical scientist,acupuncturist and veterinarian also  considered the pioneer of Photonic therapy. Brian McLaren has created an advanced photonic torch which allows for shorter treatment times that other torches available.

                                           House calls available for all animals


                                  We also offer discounted pricing and demonstration for

                                                  Dog, horse, Lama and bird kits


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