*Lengthening of connective tissue and resulting reduction in the formation of adhesions leading to fibrosis  


* Relaxation and stress reduction

*Increased flexibility of soft tissue

*Reduction of edema (swelling)

*Maintenance of good posture and  body balance

*Enhancement of waist and toxin     elimination

*Prevention of atrophy (wasting) in inactive muscles

*Improvement in athletic performance

*Loosening and softening of scar tissue

*Release of endorphins (naturally occurring steroids in the body which act to relieve pain)

*Enhancement of muscle tone and range of motion

*Advancement of healing through increase flow of nutrients to injured muscles

Massage therapy

                                                          Health benefits of massage therapy




     Top of the Tail K9 specializes in  therapeutic deep tissue massage treating all the major muscles and pressure points of your dog to relieve muscle spasms,tension,arthritis pain,speed surgical recovery and other issues that can cause pain,discomfort and possible lack of mobility.

    So weather your looking to maintain good health or relieve some of the pain and discomfort from illness,injury,disease,strain from overuse or the effects of old age this is  one type of massage that will give your dog a very high number of health benefits.

Top of the tail K9 follows strict guidelines to particular massage strokes and their application as developed over two decades of research and development.

(Massage therapy is not a replacement for regular veterinary care) 

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